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Equpment Specialist

Service Techs &

Technology Advisors

Depending on your project, it all starts with proper planning. With more than 50+ years of local experience, our experts are here to help you make the best informed decisions.

It begins with your Service Technician conducting a site inspection

Your Equipment Specialist provides you with options based upon your criteria. Helping you with planning, selection, construction, and installation

Your Technology Advisor conducts training, and implementation

Advised marketing strategies on your new investment

I follow up with periodic ROI evaluation and follow through.

What's your next project?


2D Digital Pan Ceph, 3D Conebeam, Intraoral X-ray, Handheld X-ray, Caries Detectors

Operatory chair, Delivery system, Lights, and Stools,


Based upon your criteria whether high quality, design, functionality, or affordability, we've got you covered. We'll provide you the best choices, and guide the process through to your satisfaction.

Sterilizer, Ultrasonic, and Instrument Washer-disinfectors

No matter how many patients are booked in a day, we'll keep you and the staff focused on patient care. Keeping speed, process, and reliability within the sterilization room.

Compressor, Vacuum, and Amalgam separators

Power and performance, consistency, efficiency, and worry-free maintenance. Rely on our team to find the right fit for your Utility Room.

Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen delivery system

We provide a complete Nitrous Resource, from flush mounted to portable. We can work with you to keep a minimal design, but accessible and easy to monitor.

Water filtration systems

Let's help you find the right solution for your office. We have turnkey systems that eliminate inconvenience, save annual cost, and most importantly properly and effortlessly produces good water quality


From reception to the operatory, it all starts the moment your patients walk through the door. We have designs to choose from, or can provide something specifically fit for you.

Office design, Remodel, Expansion, and Build-outs

We offer comprehensive approach on every project. from a single op update to new builds. Count on our expertise to guide you through intricacies such as office layout, technical requirements and operational best practices.

Service & Training:

Practice mgmt.

software, Marketing solutions, and Software Integrations

Our Service Techs are unparalleled with advice, response, and maintenance. Your Technical Advisors are committed to helping train you and your staff the right solutions, supporting you every step of the way so that you can feel confident in your investments. Stay educated on updates, and how best to utilize equipment or technology.

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