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Dentsply/Sirona Cerec PrimeScan & PrimeMill

Cerec's PrimeScan quickly capture's more data at high-res, it's open data allows labs and partners to make the best choice workflows. PrimeMill is super-fast and mills in 5 minutes, no matter the indication, Cerec's system allows you to optimize your work flow, and see amazing outcomes.


Planmeca Emerald & Planmill

Planmeca's scanner is ultra-lightweight, with heated autoclaveble tips to reduce fog. Planmill's direct drive, linear force motion provides uncompromising accuracy. Planmeca's open platform allows seamless integration with most dental equipment.


3Shape Trios & Ivoclar PrograMill

The Trios is enhanced comfort through wireless innovation, realistic colors and shade measurement. PrograMill has seemless integration with Trios design Studio. The machine has a Small footprint, is wireless, and can be placed anywhere.


PrimeScan, Trios, Emerald, Kulzer Cara i500, Kavo x500, and

Midmark True Definition

There is a lot of competition in this space of dentistry and this is great to see, as it only serves to provide dentists more choice in scanners, better prices, and ultimately the right fit for your practice.


PrimeMill, PlanMill, PrograMill, and

VHF Z4 milling unit

When choosing a mill it's important to evaluate how many cases it will need to handle, software compatibility with the technology you use for scanning and designing, also make sure your choice of mill is capable of working with the materials you prefer.

3D Printing:

SprintRay, Voco Solflex, Kulzer Cara Print

3D printer's ease of use and daily maintenance is becoming easier. Most modern SLA and DLP desktop 3D printers are designed intuitively. That said, a practice or lab printing surgical guides or dental models to produce thermoformed aligners in-house can often reduce costs by 75-95%.


Convergent Dental Solea Laser

VIRTUALLY 100% ANESTHESIA-FREE! Fast, precise for any cavity prep and blood and suture-free for most soft tissue surgeries. Preforms entirely different than any laser before because of its unique wavelength. Utilizes sophisticated yet simple technology to optimize the beam delivery.

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